Homebrewing, an increasingly popular hobby

Making beer in itself is a fairly simple process. For this reason, more and more enthusiasts and curious people are trying to make their own beer at home, also because, and so we answer a question that you sometimes still have to ask yourself, making beer at home in Italy is perfectly legal.

In recent years, finding information and, above all, the necessary raw materials has become very simple: as with everything else, the internet represents a coffer full of information and an increasingly broad and easily accessible purchasing channel.

There are different approaches: those who are intimidated by technicalities have the so-called kits at their disposal: in a tin can there is already almost everything you need, just add water, boil, cool and add the yeast. After about two weeks you can enjoy an excellent drink, with a questionable taste, this is true, but at least that you have done it yourself. Friends usually appreciate, unaware of the fact that they often risk poisoning… 🙂

For those who want to devote a little more time to studying and understanding the production process and the various technical facets, a world is opening up, made up of countless ingredients and styles.

Let’s not forget that most of the brewers who produce your favourite beers have gone from a home brewing experience: almost all of them have been brewing at home for years for themselves and their friends. And the BAV is no exception.

To conclude, making beer, especially at home, puts you in a state of almost absolute freedom: almost, because there are few rules to respect. Once this has been done, one can really imagine any beer, and perhaps, after attempts, frustrating failures, unexpected surprises and lessons learned on the field, be able to drink what one had imagined by writing the recipe. Recipe in which, never forget it, essential ingredient is having fun!



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